The cover to Saga’s first hardcover collection. And some quotes from the creators on just why they decided to give comic book retailers across the country a few more grey hairs after the cover of the series’ first issue and tpb got them so much flak:

Just doubling-down on our breastfeeding stance, aren’t we? – Fiona Staples

Some stores won’t even rack the first volume because the breast-feeding is controversial, but…fuck them. – Brian K. Vaughan

Just fabulous, really. <3

The Beat’s coverage of the SDCC 2014 Saga panel is here.

*fist pump*

read saga if you haven’t! it’s great!

i would love to be a lingerie model

i love pretty underwear, haha! i want to own oodles of it, even though it would only be seen by a select few…and, i think posing for a company like, say, ap would be fun.

(ps—i know modeling is a lot harder than it seems!)

Explaining the erotic pas-de-deux in the video for EP2 track “Papi Pacify,” for example, where she appears with her mouth and neck engulfed by the probing fingers of a muscular black male, she points out her character’s latent control over the encounter. “If you were to say to your partner, ‘Pull my hair,’ you are seemingly the submissive person,” she explains. “But actually you’re the dominant person, because you’ve said to somebody, ‘Pull my hair.’”

Summer magazines~

I got the Nylon mainly because it has a kpop article with 2NE1 and two sisters who are in girl groups (one is in snsd, the other f(x), I can’t remember their names, sorry. Also is f(x) pronounced “f-x” or “f of x”?). Haim is also on the cover of V; I guess they’re a good summer band. I’ve liked what I’ve listened to!

Bust because I haven’t read it in awhile, plus it looked fun and has Dolly Parton on the cover. I’m not an expert on her music, but she’s pretty funny and likeable!

Lyrics Kwamie Liv. Music/Production Baby Duka & Kwamie Liv.

I finally got frames for the imai kira postcards I bought from Angelic Pretty back in 2009 (sorry about the bad cell phone picture!). I don’t dress lolita style, but I do find her art pretty.

Finally painted a frame for my misskika print! I’ve had this maybe two years, haha. Her art is cute and sexy, you should check it out!