ayumi hamasaki - connected

I don’t really listen to her anymore, but this was one of my favorite songs of hers. I like the line

"we’re connected at each and every place
so when I speak this word, you’ll already know”

no doubt - don’t speak

savage garden - to the moon and back

pffft…thinking back on it, their music seems a little cheesy to me, but we totally had their cd back when i was younger. this song is pretty catchy.

yay! it’s only tax, but still cool.

duran duran - come undone

lead belly - where did you sleep last night

(another song nirvana covered [i like nirvana])

portishead - glory box

woody guthrie - do re mi

Happy 43rd Birthday, David Tennant! (April 18th, 1971)

(via avantblargh)

most of my japan plans so far involve shopping and eating

maybe i should feel bad about it? 

last time i was in japan i saw a lot of things, like the temples, and tours and such. so its not like i haven’t done that, and i wont do it a bit again (i’m going to the seaside park in ibaraki! im really excited about it).

plus, shopping and eating are kind of my “thing” (music too, but im not really intersted in trying to find concerts to go to or anything..), so. like, maybe if i were into art id go to a bunch of galleries and museums. i guess just saying “i want to go shopping” seems shallow compared to “i want to see art.”