I finally got frames for the imai kira postcards I bought from Angelic Pretty back in 2009 (sorry about the bad cell phone picture!). I don’t dress loli style, but I do find her art pretty.

Finally painted a frame for my misskika print! I’ve had this maybe two years, haha. Her art is cute and sexy, you should check it out!

genesis - grimes

Stuck in my head~ 

Also, her tumblr is pretty cool. I want to be her friend, haha. 
and also, one of her posts was a video about a sampler called alicia’s keys created based on the piano alicia keys plays. funny, but obviously fitting, name.


Sketched more Captain Lovelace
#art #comics #piratesofmars

The wishcandy print I ordered arrived! I love it! This piece is called “move on.” You can purchase this and her other work here.


Gonna make a list of own characters for personal reference!

1. Planet

watercolour + white gouache

(via avantblargh)

i need a crop top

I thought about buying one, but it might save me a bit of money of I just try diy-ing it with a thrift store tee.

Tried watching the new Sailor Moon…

we couldn’t really get into it! I like the original a lot though…